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The Sparrows Box Mental Health Blog Writers: Kelceymarie and Lex

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Hey there! I'm Kelceymarie and I am a mental health advocate, graduate student, and freelance writer with a passion for mental health education. I have struggled with depression and anxiety (among other things) my entire life, and want to help bring awareness to these issues. 

A little about me, I have a masters degree in education, I'm pursuing a second masters in clinical mental health counseling, I'm happily married with three beautiful little girls, and if I'm not online, you can find me in the mountains!

I have a lot to say on topics related to depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, self-harm, and eating disorders, and if I have one message for you, it's this, "Hold on. It does get better."

- Kelcey




Hello, internet! You can call me Lex. I’m a 27-year-old content writer, editor, and reptile enthusiast originally from South Florida, but I’m now residing in East Tennessee...for now. Some of my passions are social justice activism, video games, my pet cat and lizard, and my partner of 5+ years.

Here’s a little bit about my personal mental health journey: I live primarily with panic disorder with severe agoraphobia and borderline personality disorder. I’m also a recovering addict, and I want to share some of my ideas about mental health advocacy, education, and treatment, coping mechanisms, the world of self-help, addiction recovery, and generally understanding and deconstructing the complex stigma surrounding mental illnesses, addiction, self-harm, and lots of other mental health-related topics.

Oh, and I’m proudly nonbinary and use they/them/their pronouns. I’ll also be posting a bit about my own identity journey, LGBTQ activism and education, and how to support queer and questioning folks in your life. I’m really excited about bringing my unique perspective to this blog, and I hope anyone who’s ever struggled with anything remotely like what I have can at least find some solace in knowing they’re not alone.

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