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Who self-harms?

"Only girls are cutters."

"Only rich kids hurt themselves."

Have you heard this before? I have heard this time and time again, and seen the portrayal in movies and social media. In reality, studies don't support these claims. What studies do tell us:

  • All genders self-harm

  • Females are likely to start sooner and harm for longer.

  • Females are more likely to use forms of self-harm such as cutting while males are more likely to punch.

  • Males are more likely to report a social component like having someone else hit them.

  • Sexual orientation can be a predictor

  • Being Bisexual is a risk factor

  • Identifying as Lesbian or Gay "does not seem to carry much elevated risk above and beyond being straight."

Now, stating these facts does not mean you can't self-harm if you're straight/heterosexual or non binary, or anything else. I feel I should clarify this because of the comment sections of some of my videos. If you want to learn more about who self-harms, click here.

Were you surprised by the article? Please let me know in the comments, and share this page to help educate the world on self-harm.

Until next time.


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